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Osiris Demona's Hellhounds

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Registered Name: Osiris Demona's Hellhounds
Breeder: Claudia Meneses
Owner: Claudia Meneses
Kennel: Demona's Hellhounds
Sire: Centurion Incipita Vita
Dam: Aimi of Toshi
Call Name: Ozzy
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 25 MAR 2018
Date of Death:
Country of Birth: Chile
Country of Standing: Chile
Colour: Black and Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Known Offspring:
O'Batsy Demona's Hellhounds

Osiris Demona's Hellhounds

Centurion Incipita Vita

Bullion Gold Incipeta Vita

Aso No Ryuuou Go Takayuusou

Genkou Go Shun'you Kensha

Nikkei del monte de haya

Haruki Go Iyo Hinode Kensha

Yuyakehime del Monte de Haya


Aimi of Toshi

Akito Go Yamada

Kurotama Go Gold Typhoon Jr JP

Ryuuhime Go Shun'you Kensha

Shizuka of Toshi

Yuan RK Shi-Ru De Xilohe

First Black and tan of Toshi